Real Estate Career Expectations

What does a successful career in real estate look like?

Real Estate Career Expectations And Considerations

Being successful in real estate sales requires a delicate balance of skills, experience, passion and perseverance. There are no shortcuts to success. In our experience, the agencies with the highest levels of personal integrity perform better over the long term.

Salespeople from Pittard agencies who actively implement the Agency Profit System achieve very high levels of personal, professional and financial success, with the majority earning significantly higher than the average industry income.

What does a successful career in real estate look like?

As a team member of a Pittard agency, you will be expected to:

  • Show total honesty at all times in your dealings with clients
  • Strictly follow the sales programs made available to you
  • Complete a set number of specific actions on a regular basis
  • Monitor and observe your results and progress
  • Join a close-knit team
  • Possess an attitude that fosters and encourages achievement
  • Continually improve your level of knowledge and skill
  • Actively use the Client Benefit Strategies to ensure your clients are delighted
  • Work hard to reach your goals and the goals of your clients
  • Consistently display total loyalty to your clients, your colleagues and to the culture of your agency

In return, you will be rewarded with:

  • A secure salary package that is not based on commission only
  • A generous commission package
  • Paid work-related expenses
  • Support from your leader and colleagues
  • A long term career with a high income
  • A high level of pride in being part of a well-respected and trusted agency
  • Challenges and excitement. No two days are ever the same!
  • Freedom of working hours – time generally under your control
  • Career advancement and consistent training opportunities
  • The happiness that comes from being in one of the best industries in the world

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